Monitoring of the roller populations on the projects sites will be continuous throughout the project’s lifetime. Information regarding the changes in population trends will enable the objective assessment of the efficiency of the project.

The project sites are formed by SPAs and can be viewed on the map on the following link >> here

Around 80% of the Hungarian roller pairs breed in artificial nest boxes supplied by volunteers of conservation NGOs and National Park staff.

Nest boxes will be checked twice throughout the breeding season, the roller chicks will ringed with both a metal and a plastic colour ring to enable better identification of individual birds.

Roller nest box (Photo: Zoltán Orbán).

The data collected by the Roller Protection Workgroup during the monitoring programme will be uploaded into a standardised database, which will allow direct data processing.

An important part of the monitoring programme will be the uploading of casual sightings records into a GIS database. This will give valuable information on the rollers nesting in natural  cavities.

All the data will be stored in a database, which will be incorporated into the ringing database of the Ringing Centre of MME.

Roller ringing (Photo: Zoltán Orbán).

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