„Csele” in Zambia, „Pétör” in Angola

2015.12.04. 10:51

It’s been exactly 3 weeks since „Csele”, the satellite tagged roller from Kiskunhalas (Hungary) arrived at the Republic of Congo crossing the Equator and the rainforests. She arrived just in time for the rainy season and was welcomed by the wast savannas of the southern hemisphere. The migration strategy of our bird changed immediately as soon as she reached suitable feeding habitat. The non-stop long distance flight, covering thousands of kilometres above the rainforests gave place to a calm, steady movement interspersed with breaks to feed and rest. Over the last 3 weeks „Csele” has taken in another 1200 km, moving slowly southwards, reaching the catchment of the Zambezi river in Zambia. 

"Csele" (yellow) in Zambia, "Pétör" (red) in Angola. 

Great news is that the satellite tag on the other Hungarian roller, „Pétör” started to work again after a two week silence. Both of the birds left Hungary on the 7th of September, and even though on slightly different routes, they’ve reached their first stop in Chad and Sudan almost at the same time. They’ve stayed in the area for about 6 weeks, gathering energy for the next leg of their journey. 

"Csele" is within the Kafue National Park, shown in the picture (Fotó: ATR The Safari Experts).

“Csele” set off first to fly 2000 km, crossing the tropical rainforests, whilst we eagerly waited for “Pétör” to do the same. However “Pétör”’s tag was giving more and more infrequent signals with seamingly no movement at all, causing quite a bit of worry on our side. Luckily the silence broke on Wednesday, when we received a signal from “Pétör”’s tag from Angola. He already moved 700 km further south since then. The two birds are now on the same latitude some 700 km apart, slowly advancing towards their wintering grounds. 

Wintering roller from South Africa with a zebra in the background (Photo: Gergő Halmos). 

Where exactly will they stop and spend their wintering period, remains a question, but hopefully we’ll soon get to know. Follow them on their journey >> here

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