The European roller on the Szeged Bridge Fair

2015.06.05. 12:05

The 15th annual Szeged Bridge Fair was held in May 2015. Birdlife Hungary (MME) was there too amongst a wide variety of exhibitors. The fair is run as part of the Wine festival, the biggest annual event in the city. The Bridge Fair and the Wine Festival bring thousands of visitors to the city of sunshine (as Szeged is referred to) from all over Hungary, and across the world. 

The Bridge Fair (Photo: Gabriella Göcző).

The first day of the Fair nearly got washed away by the heavy rain, but luckily the sun came out by the afternoon. The air got filled with the jolly buzz of the crouds, with the delicios smell of grilled sausages and freshly baked cakes, and with great music played by local bands. 

Local crafts (Photos: Gabriella Göcző).

Whilst walking amogst the mirad of colourful craft stalls, visitors had a chance to become familiar with the local NGOs .The BirdLife Hungary stall had about 2000 visitors, who received first hand information on our Conservation of the European Roller in the Carpathian Basin project and on our regional work. The younger generation was kept busy trying out our new roller themed games and puzzles.   

The BirdLife Hungary stall with the roller themed puzzles. (Photos: Gabriella Goczo).

As the day went on off on a wine tasting tour to try fabulous wine from across the country.   

Gabriella Göcző

Nike Shox Avenue 808