Farmers for Rollers meeting in Nagyszalonta, Romania

2016.12.16. 11:26

One of the actions within the framework of the Roller Life Project is the Farmers for Rollers Programme coordinated by the Environmental Agency of Satu Mare County (Romania). By means of this action, a meeting was called on 6th December 2016 in Nagyszalonta. The event was attended by farmers cultivating land within the Natura 2000 sites of ROSPA0097 (Cséffa fishponds and Radvány Forest). The aim of the meeting was to raise awareness of the ROLLERPROJECT, and set up a volunteer network of farmers as well as to provide consultation opportunities on biodiversity-oriented farming techniques for the local community.

Roller breeding site within the Natura 2000 site of Cséffa Fishponds and Radvány Forest (Photo: APM).

Project employees briefly presented the main actions of the ROLLERPROJECT, with an emphasis on the importance of the Farmers for Rollers Programme as well as on the advantages it holds for its volunteers on the long run. Attila Nagy – an employee of the Milvus Group – talked about the financial opportunities provided by the Agrienvironmental Scheme. 

The presentation of the project team at the Environmental Agency of Satu Mare (Photo: APM).

Attila Nagy (Milvus Group) presented information on the Agrienvironmental Scheme (Photo: APM).

During the second half of the meeting, the organizers answered questions and discussed them with the local farmers. Most of the attendees were positive about participating in the volunteer programme and signed an agreement with the Environmental Agency of Satu Mare County. Participants were informed about the support at the onset of the production season provided by means of the programme. Participants were assured of the support of the ROLLERPROJECT team.

Even though reaching the farmers, and organizing the meeting was hindered by difficulties, the meeting was attended by 11 farmers of whom 7 also joined the volunteer network.

The audience listens attentively (Photo: APM).


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