The first results on our satellite tagged rollers have been presented in Serbia

2015.11.05. 16:00

The annual Roller Conservation Workshop, organised by the Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia and the “Riparia” Association of Naturalists of Subotica, was held between 17-18 October 2015. The workshop brings together over 30 conservationists involved in roller conservation work from all over Serbia to share the regional results of breeding success, and gives an opportunity to discuss the latest research. The ROLLERPOJECT team was also invited, so we took this opportunity to share our first results on the movements of our satellite tagged rollers. 

Ludaš Visitor Centre (Photo: Balázs Csibrány).

Photo: Balázs Csibrány. 

The workshop was held at the Ludaš Visitor Centre within the Lake Ludaš Special Nature Reserve. To begin with, regional coordinators introduced  us to the state of the roller population within their respective area. The regional presentations were followed by a talk about a prey preference study among rollers. In the afternoon, Orsolya Kiss from the ROLLERPROJECT team gave a presentation on the migration of the two Hungarian sat tagged rollers “Pétör” and “Csele”. The workshop was closed by the introduction and the testing of the new roller nesting site database. 

The presentation of Orsolya Kiss (Photos: Balázs Csibrány, József Gergely). 

The second day of the workshop was more physical, we’ve assembled many a nestbox for next year’s breeding season. The ROLLERPROJECT team is grateful for the opportunity, thanks for having us.

Preparation of nest-boxes (Photo: Balázs Csibrány). 

The participants (Photo: József Gergely). 

Balázs Csibrány

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