The first satellite tagged Hungarian roller in Syria

2016.05.04. 12:30

„Pétör”, the first satellite tagged Hungarian roller is almost back in Europe. The male roller started its spring migration at the end of March, taking short breaks in Tanzania, and Uganda, near lake Victoria. This is the first time we can observe the journey of a roller getting back to the Carpathian basin. 

The migration route of „Pétör” (Source:

It has been two weeks since we last received a signal from „Pétör’s” tag. At the time the bird was in Uganda, near the Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve. 

Pian Upe Wildlife Reseve, Uganda (Source:

Pian Upe landscape (Photo: Gabriel Gersch). 

The most recent records from „Pétör’s” tag indicate that the bird flew 4000 km north over the last two weeks, and is now in Syria, quite close to the Turkish border.

Satellite tagged roller (Photo: Béla Tokody).

„Pétör” is currently near Lake Mashquita, in Syria, (Photo: Danyk).

Suitable fedding site around the lake (Photo: Karam Slunfeh).

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