The installation of the ROLLER LIFE+ information boards have been completed

2015.10.16.  14:55

The Environment Protection Agency of Satu Mare County has successfully completed the E4 actions in the framework of the Conservation of the European roller in the Carpathian Basin project in September 2015.

The aim of the E4 actions was to produce, and install 30 information boards in 15 Special Protection Areas (SPA). The intention was to draw the attention of local communities and visitors to the Natura 2000 network and the importance of roller protection.

After careful evaluation of  the target audiences and the selected project sites, bilingual (Romanian and Hungarian) information boards were installed to serve the multicultural local community. The 150 x200 cm boards provide information about the project and the distribution, diet, migration and protection of the species. 

The content of the information board. (Photo: APM).

Representatives of the local authorities have helped in the process of selecting the best location for the project boards across the 15 SPA sites. All boards are now erected in busy public areas to ensure good visibility, and to enable a large number of people to become familiar with the project. The placement of the boards required a written agreement from the local authorities, most of them have been set up near schools, playgrounds, or public parks.  

The location of the boards by counties:

  • Satu Mare county: Érdendréd.

The green area in front of the office of the mayor Érendréd (SM)- ROSPA0016  (Photo: APM).

  •      Bihar county: Ottomány, Biharfélegyháza, Papptamási, Mácsapuszta, Cséffa, Köröstarján and Érmihályfalva.

Playground in the centre of Papptamási (BH) - ROSPA0103  (Photo: APM).

  • In Arad County: Mácsa, Nagyzerind, Csermő, Vinga, Németság, Pécska, Nagylak and Borosjenő. 

The buffalo farm in Pécska (AR)- ROSPA0014  (Photo: APM).

  • In Temes County: Temeskenéz, Csanád, Máriafölde, Nagykomlós, Nagykövéres, Csatád, Újpécs, Újvár, Temesság, Tolvád, Perjámos, Gilád, Törökszákos and Detta. 

The public school at Újvár (TM) - ROSPA0144  (Photo: APM).

This would have not been possible without the support of the leaders of the local authorities, who expressed pronounced interest towards our roller conservation project, and similar environmental conservation activities. 

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