Installing nest boxes with the DALERD Co. Ltd.

2016.06.01.  10:37

Based on our experience rollers return to Hungary by the end of April-beginning of May. Thus it was high time we set out to provide them with a few extra nest boxes on 3rd May 2016.

During the day, MME (BirdLife Hungary) volunteers helped us install 26 nest boxes within the project site and its vicinity designated by DALERD Co. We made sure that boxes were located at an appropriate distance from each other, and at an ideal height, and position for the rollers. Basic data including the geographical coordinates, height above ground, tree species were recorded along with the ID of each nest box. These will become vital pieces of information later on.

The rollers exhausted by their long journey will hopefully be happy to find these new nesting sites, and duly occupy them.

Installing nest boxes sometimes requires acrobatic abilities (Photo: Sütő Péter Pál).

  The new nesting site will hopefully please the rollers (Photo: Péter Pál Sütő).

Péter Pál Sütő 

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