International workshop on roller conservation

BirdLife Hungary (MME) organised an international workshop as part of the " Conservation of the European roller in the Carpathian Basin" (LIFE13/NAT/HU/000081) project. The workshop was held in Szatymaz, Hungary, on the 8th of November 2014.

Over 60 professionals gathered - including MME staff, researchers, project and national park staff, and volunteers - to discuss the technical and practical details of the new „ROLLERLIFE” project, which started in the autumn of 2014.

The event was held in the Postakocsi csárda,Szatymaz, Hungary.

In the first part of the workshop, participants listened to talks about the changes in roller populations in light of past conservation actions in four Hungarian national parks.

László Tóth gave a talk about the roller population of the Bükki National Park.

Tamás Németh introduced the roller conservation project of the Kőrös-Maros National Park.

After the introduction to the Hungarian situation, the audience received an overview of the status of the species in the Carpathian Basis. Attila Nagy (Milvus Group) talked about roller protection in Transylvania (Romania), whilst Ottó Szekeres (DZPPV) gave a presentation on the roller conservation works in Vojvodina (Serbia).

Ottó Szekeres (DZPPV)

The series of presentations were closed by the detailed introduction to the LIFE+ project by Béla Tokody project coordinator.

Béla Tokody explains the LIFE+ projekt in detail (Photo: Ampovics Zsolt).

In the second part of the workshop the Roller Conservation Workgroup of Birdlife Hungary was officially founded.

Following the foundation of the Workgroup, participants discussed issues around fieldwork, data collection, field diary design, regional subdivisions, and the potential of creating an online database that would greatly help the project.

The next day of the worshop, participants visited the Büdös-szék, a highly protected roller habitat.


Béla Tokody

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