Introducing our newly satellite tagged rollers

2017.06.30. 12:40

We’ve installed 4 new satellite tags again this year to gain more valuable information about the migration route, and wintering sites of rollers. With the help of these data we can do more for the protection of the species. Once we know the exact location of the most important stopover- and wintering sites, we can initiate the first steps towards the legal protection of these sites by contacting the nature conservation authorities of the concerning countries. 

We had to finish tagging as quickly as possible, because catching adult birds becomes more and more difficult as the breeding season unfolds. Tagging this year happened between 24-28 June.

The first bird, caught near Szatymaz (Hungary) is a male, named „Vendel”:

"Vendel" (Photo: dr. Béla Tokody).

The second bird was tagged in the Transdanubian area of Dinnyés, where the birds have recently started to breed again. The tagged female is called „Éganya”:

"Éganya" (Photo: dr. Orsolya Kiss). 

„Hadnagy” was caught on the Great Plain again, near Hódmezővásárhely:  

"Hadnagy" (Photos: Zsolt Ampovics).    

While „Albert” was tagged near Albertirsa:

"Albert" szabadon engedése (Photo: Zsolt Ampovics).

You can soon follow the movements of these on the interactive map ( ). We hope they’ll survive migration, and provide us with useful information for many years to come.

Gabriella Göcző 

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