Nestbox maintenance works are running in Borsodi Mezőség

After Rollers leave their breeding areas, the monitoring of artificial nestboxes takes place again. First, the nestboxes that require refurbishment or replacement are checked and the staff members replace or repair them if necessary.

Unfortunately the condition of the nestboxes can decline significantly even in one breeding season, therefore the annual monitoring is necessary to grant secure breeding platforms for the occupying birds next year.

Installation of a new nestbox (Photo: Katalin Tóth)

Most of the repair works are done on Borsodi Mezőség, where altogether 123 nestboxes are involved, the professionals already finished with almost half of them.

Nest box repair on Kis Hortobágyon (fotó: Tóth Katalin)

Some nestboxes can be completely refreshed with some nails, but there are also nestboxes in such degraded condition that would require too much energy to renovate, therefore they need to be replaced. The replacement requires minimum 2 staff members, since the new nestboxes made of acacia weigh almost 10 kilograms and are mainly installed in the height of 8-10 meters.

One of our favourite nestboxes, which is quite popular among Rollers as well (Photo: Katalin Tóth)

Shadoofs with a new function (Photo: Katalin Tóth).


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