The new, unique roller themed games are ready to be played with

2015.05.18.  15:03

The games help us introduce rollers to the younger generations. Whilst playing, children will become more familiar with the species, they’ll get to know what habitat they prefer, what they feed on, what sort of dangers affect them and how nature friendly farming works. 

With the help of the puzzle (below) kids will learn about the fauna of the puszta and the agricultural land,  

The fauna of the puszta and the agricultural land puzzle (Photo: Béla Tokody).

whilst the fun, string-operated game will introduce 3 new bird species, as well as the roller (the bee-eater, the hopoe and the kingfisher) with their main prey items. 

Prey species game (Photos: Béla Tokody and Csaba Lendvai). 

The memory game specifically teaches children of the main prey species of rollers...

Memory game (Photo: Csaba Lendvai). 

... and the nestbox puzzle will help them to learn about the nesting habits of the different species.  

Nestbox puzzle (Photo: Béla Tokody).

We’ve also created a large push puzzle game. 

Push puzzle (Photo: Béla Tokody). 

We’ll also show children how nature-friendly farming works and what effect it has on the wildlife, although we’ll use a slightly more complicated game to help us explain these complex issues. The game will also enable us to teach the young generation about the threats rollers face. 

Nature friendly farming game (Photo: Béla Tokody). 

The roller themed games can be seen in the Puszta house in the Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park, in Hungary. Feel free to try them out if you happen to be there. 



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