Newly installed nestboxes awaiting the arrival of rollers

2017.04.14. 11:08

All of the old, broken nest boxes were replaced with new Schwegler boxes by the beginning of April, plus extra boxes were placed at suitable habitats for rollers. 

The last few Schwegler nest boxes waiting to be installed (Photo: Zsolt Ampovics). 

The main advantage of these new boxes is their lifetime and their themal insulation. The latter can be all the more important during scorching summer months.

New wood-concrete nest box in suitable habitat (Photo: Zsolt Ampovics).

The works began at the beginning of February and during more or less two months, circa a thousand boxes were replaced – partly due to the dry weather in February and March.

Instalment of a roller box near the village of Izsák (Photo: Zsolt Ampovics).

About half of the boxes were fixed onto larger  trees, but some were placed onto insulated electric poles which are favoured breeding spots of rollers, according to previous experience.

In some cases, our colleagues found roosting little owls in the old nest boxes. These perky little birds usually happily settled into the new nestboxes.

A little owl found roosting in an old nest box (Photo: Zsolt Ampovics).

In some cases, the works had to be carried out on tough terrain, but our colleagues stood their ground – however muddy that ground was …

Some spots could only be approached by walking a long distance (Photo: Zsolt Ampovics).

A nest box is being fixed onto a white poplar tree (Photo: Zsolt Ampovics).

Apart from these ‘traditional’ nesting spots, some nest boxes were placed onto the barns of farmers participating in the ‘Farmers for Rollers’ Programme of the Rollerproject.

During the instalment of these boxes, we had the opportunity to deepen our collaboration with the farmers, disseminate brochures and answer some questions.

A farmer for rollers (Photo: Zsolt Ampovics).

Roller nest box fixed onto a barn
(Photo: Zsolt Ampovics).. 

These boxes were always fixed in a way that they look out onto open grassland.

Excellent view from a barn nest box near Soltszentimre (Photo: Zsolt Ampovics).

Some of our tagged rollers have already started their homeward migration from southern Africa. Their journey can be followed on this website:

 We hope they soon take up residence in their safe new homes!

Zsolt Ampovics 


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