Our tagged birds have set off on their autumn migration

2016.09.23. 14:00

BirdLife Hungary (MME) have marked 4 rollers with PTT satellite tags during the summer of 2016, as part of the roller conservation Life project. 

Applying the tag (Photo: Béla Tokody).

The rollers were given the following names: Bukfenc, Artúr, Eleven and Fehérlófia

Bukfenc with the tag (Photo: Béla Tokody).

The weight of the tag is merely 4.5 grams, less than 5% of the bird’s body weight – thus, it does not hinder it during the migration neither while feeding or in flight.

The release of Bukfenc (Photo: Béla Tokody).

Local experts observed the tagged birds in their natural breeding habitat, and they’ve managed to take some photos of them too. 

Bukfenc (Photo: Balázs Csibrány).

Three rollers set of fon their journey at the beginning of September, and all of them reached their first stopover site within a week. Based on information from last year, they’ll spend about a month in this area, located int he Sahel region.  

The route of the three birds (Source: http://www.satellitetracking.eu/ ).

The fourth individual, Fehérlófia set off on the 19th September. All the birds can be followed online on the site  http://www.satellitetracking.eu/.

Béla Tokody

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