Planting trees for Rollers

2017.03.30. 12:43

Tree saplings are planted within the framework of the Farmers for Rollers Programme of the Life + project. One of the main priorities of the Roller Project is to find and coordinate farmers who are willing to invest efforts into biodiversity conservation while cultivating agrarian habitats. About 75 farmers have joined the volunteer network of the Farmers for Rollers Programme across the Great Plain region, and committed themselves to install artificial nest boxes, perch sites, to plant native saplings and receive professional consultation provided by the ROLLERPROJECT team.

Planting of saplings (Photo: Rollerproject). 

Creating appropriate habitat is essential for the long-term conservation of the roller. As old groves and windrows gradually disappear from modern landscapes, otherwise excellent foraging sites become unavailable for these secondary hole-nesters which need old trees for perching and their cavities for breeding. For this reason, the Roller Project made it a priority to raise awareness among farmers regarding the conservation needs of the species, and potential conservation-oriented measures applicable in potential roller habitats.

Prepared for planting (Photo: Flóra Hák).

By means of the Farmers for Rollers Programme, more than 3,500 native tree saplings are planted by volunteer land owners, scattered across hayfields and pastures. Rollers presently nest in artificial nest boxes in these habitats, but planting trees shall provide them with natural nesting sites on the long run.

Newly planted tree spalings (Photo:Rollerproject).

Part of the ROLLERPROJECT team (Photo: Rollerproject). 

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