Preparations before the rollers arrive

Rollers are long distant migrants, spending only four months in Hungary. In order to have a succesful breeding season it is very important to provide ideal conditions for this endangered bird. 

Rollers arrive to Hungary at the end of April, beginning of May. Every year, we make sure that before they arrive, all the artificial nest boxes are cleaned and repaired, so they can returnt to a safe nest. During spring we check hundreds of nest boxes. The new and recently installed nest boxes are in a good condition, but there are several that need maintainance.  

      Repairing the nest boxes (Szabó Attila, Szitta Tamás)

One of the main objectives of the project is to promote the rollers to those farmers, who spend their days on roller habitat. Within the Farmers for Rollers programme, 60 nest boxes and 52 perchers had been installed for 15 farmers. 

Checking and repairing the perchers are done before the birds arrive, so all the nests and perching places are safe for them.



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