Publicity for the ROLLER LIFE+ project within the framework of the Hungarian Days in the Partium, Satu Mare

2015.09.04.  15:58

On the 22nd August 2015, the Environment Protection Agency of Satu Mare County (APM) installed an exhibition booth on the 14th Hungarian Days in the Partium in the Kossuth Garden of Satu Mare with PR material on the LIFE13 NAT/HU/000081 project titled ‘The conservation of the European roller within the Carpathian Basin’.

All age groups were interested in learning about the rollers (Photo: APM).

The main aim of the event was to raise awareness about the importance of roller conservation, as well as environment protection in a wider context. Visitors could learn about the project activities directly from the team members, but many questions about the Natura 2000 network, the protected species and the relevant conservation measures were answered too.

A conversation about conservation  (Photo: APM).

Children had the opportunity to play with the roller puzzle while learning about the species. They received roller pin badges to award their skills and curiosity. 

Children playfully learning about the roller (Photo: APM). 

Each family member found something interesting at the roller stand (Photo:APM).

While the children were playing the puzzle, the parents participated in a questionnaire-based survey. The questions targeted both the protected species and the conservation project. Subsequent analysis by sociologists shall be used for the socio-economic assessment of the LIFE+ project. The stand had about 125 visitors of whom 50 were children.  

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