Replacement of old nest boxes

2016.12.05.  12:14

A new chapter started within the Roller LIFE+ project. The old nest boxes are being replaced with new ones.

’Schwegler’ nest boxes waiting to be installed (Photo: Béla Tokody). 

The new nest boxes were ordered from a German company, and arrived in November. This was the last delivery of the so called ’Schwegler’ nest boxes, with which the total number of boxes now equals 1,250.

The lifetime of these wood-concrete boxes is significantly longer than that of the traditional wooden boxes. The German manufacturer guarantees 25 years of life expectancy for this type of box.

Schwegler nest box on a wooden pole (Photo: Béla Tokody). 

On 30th November, we started replacing the boxes in the Baksi-puszta, within the Pusztaszer Landscape Protection Area of the Kiskunság National Park in Hungary. 

Nest box instalment in Baksi-puszta (Photo: Béla Tokody). 

This 4,000-hectare grassland scattered with trees is home to about 60 breeding pairs of rollers, that choose their nest from the 90 artificial boxes installed in the area.

The Baksi-puszta (Photo: Balázs Csibrány). 

If all goes as planned, the volunteers of the MME, and the park rangers will have finished installing each nest box by the beginning of next spring, so that the rollers arriving in May shall be welcomed by brand new housing.

Béla Tokody 



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