A roller with a broken wing

2018.05.18.  12:32

On 07.05.2018 an injured roller was found by one of our field coordinators near Görbeháza (East-Hungary). The bird was unable to fly, so he captured it and took it to the nearest wild bird hospital (Hortobágyi Madárkórház).

The injured bird (Photo: Zoltán Görögh). 

The X-ray examination only confirmed the broken bone in the right wing. The broken bone was fixed and secured, and the bird is now kept in a safe place. Complete healing will take about 5-6 weeks.

The habitat in which the bird was found (Photo: Zoltán Görögh). 

The bird was ringed as a chick in 2014 at Újtikos, about 10 km from here.

We’re hoping to release it as soon as possible.

The broken wing is clearly visible (Photo: Zoltán Görögh). 

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