Roller LIFE field day in the Upper Kiskunság

2017.05.05.  11:36

Rollerproject staff are already busy in the field, even though our rollers are still on migration just halfway towards their breeding grounds in Hungary. 

The front piece of the new wood-concrete boxes can be opened (Photo: Zoltán Orbán).

This short summary will introduce the recent fieldwork activities in the Upper Kiskunság.

One of the most urgent tasks was to install the last batch of the new wood-concrete boxes in the potential breeding habitats. These innovative nest boxes have never been used for rollers in Hungary.

In order to keep an exact register of all nestboxes, the GPS coordinates are recorded. (Photo: Zoltán Orbán).

One of the most important threat to the Hungarian roller population is the shortage of nesting sites. To overcome the shortage in the natural nesting sites -green woodpecker holes-, nest boxes are being installed in appropriate habitats. Artificial nestboxes do however need some kind of a prop: tree trunks, or electric poles. One of the most important activities of the project is planting tree saplings. This is done in collaboration with the local farmers by means of the Farmers for Rollers Programme. On this field day we watered and checked the saplings planted earlier.


Tending to the saplings (Photos: Zoltán Orbán).

Zoltán Orbán 

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