Roller LIFE+ press conference in Satu Mare

A press conference dedicated to the „Conservation of the European Roller in the Carpathian Basin” project was organised in Satu Mare, Romania on the 26th of March 2015. The conference was held in the „Green house” in the Kossuth-garden. The event was organised by the Environment Protection Agency of Satu Mare County (APM), and attendees included APM staff, project staff and representatives of the local media.

The event was held in the „Green house” in the Kossuth-garden (Photo: APM).

Erzsébet Békéssy, the chief executive of APM gave the opening speech of the event. She drew attention to the importance of EU projects in strategic developments in Romania, and emphasised the importance of LIFE projects in environmental conservation. 

Erzsébet Békéssy emphasised the importance of LIFE projects (Photo: APM).  

Adriana Cluda - the coordinator of the team – introduced the main elements of the project, and highlighted its importance in roller conservation.   

Adriana Cluda gave an introduction to the project (Photo: APM).

The presentations were followed by an open discussion, allowing media representatives to get more information on specific topics of the project. Lőrinc Bărbos project assistant gave an introduction to the circumstances they experience during fieldwork.   

Introduction of the LIFE+ project (Photo: APM).

NIke Dunk SB MID