Starting the installation of the educational trail

2018.05.03.  13:32

We’ve finished designing and printing the information boards for the educational trail a long time ago, however we needed to wait months before they can be installed. Late winter frosty soil held us back at the beginning, and then melting snow and plenty of rain in the early spring created standing water, making many of the installation areas inaccessible.

Part of the trail is installed along the reedbed mistnet  line. 

Luckily the weather has improved a lot, and all of the sites can now be reached by car.

One of the information boards will stand right next to the Roller Visitor Centre.  

Visitors will be able to become familiar with the local wildlife, the importance of nature friendly grassland management, and the dangers electric lines pose to birds.

The installation starts by preparing a concrete base.  

We prepared some exciting interactive games for the younger generation, and our foreign visitors will be able to reach the information in English with the help of their smartphones.   

The location of the information boards were carefully chosen. 

Part of the educational trail is going to be a wetland trail along a board walk. Here people can familiarise themselves with the reedbed birds. Birdsongs can be listened to with the help of a smartphone.

Installation of the wetland trail along the board walk.  (Photos: Balázs Csibrány).  

Gabriella Göcző 

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