Steppe habitats before the restoration works

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During the course of the project, three sites are subjected to habitat restoration works with a demonstrative aim. One of the sites lies within the Alsó-Tisza-völgy SPA, managed by the Kiskunság National Park Directorate.

The ’Székalj’ in the Alsó-Tisza-völgy SPA (Photo: Gabriella Göcző). 

Within the vast SPA, habitat restoration only targets three smaller areas totalling to a few hectares: the Macskási-grassland, the Székalj and the Szaporhegy. The works can be divided into two types, namely reconstructing the natural hydrographic conditions and the elimination of invasive plant species from the area.

Reconstructing the natural water regime will be achieved by the deconstruction of the dam system, the filling up of the artificial ditches  and the removal of unused lock-gates and other water management structures. Invasive plants (mainly Eleagnus angustifolia) will be eliminated by chemical treatment followed by specific machinery.

During this event, one of the target groups of the project – the park rangers of the Kiskunság National Park Directorate – were taken on a field trip so that they could see the condition of the grasslands before the works started. The event took place near the future roller visitor centre.

The old homestead that will serve as the Roller Visitor Centre in future  (Photo: Gabriella Göcző).

The long-term  maintenance of the reconstructed grassland habitat will be carried out by livestock (Hungarian grey cattle) grazing.

Grazing Hungarian grey cattle (Photo: Gabriella Göcző). 

Gabriella Göcző 

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