Positive experiences: Surveying electric poles in the Borsodi-mezőség

Még vannak szalakóták a Borsodi mezőségen (Fotó: Jakab Sándor).

2016.09.02. 14:50

Responding to the call for the 12th national survey, we started checking the medium voltage electric lines of the Borsodi-mezőség. As a consequence of former LIFE projects and a tremendous amount of effort, all the pole tops we checked had already been insulated. Even better, in some areas, aerial power lines are substituted with ground lines.


Viktor, egyik jeladós szalakótánk (Fotó: Bărbos Lőrinc).

2017.08.21.  16:26

The data collection process, targeting the migration routes, and wintering sites of the rollers breeding in the Carpathian Basin has started in 2016.

So far, more than ten individuals were tagged across the project sites of Hungary and Western Romania, making sure that the main regions within the species distribution are represented by this sample. By the end of the project we will have an adequate number of individuals tagged to enable us to better understand the  migration routes, the migratory behaviour and the wintering sites.

What do rollers eat? Food remains and other delicacies from the nest boxes

Szalakóta (Fotó: Horváth Tibor).

2017.08.20.  10:34

In order to be able to protect a species, we also need to protect its prey species and their habitat. As part of the dietary research on rollers, we record food remnants found within the nest boxes. These data have already provided us with a lot of information concerning the diet of rollers but they still hold some curiosities.