The European roller on the Szeged Bridge Fair

Szegedi Hídivásár (Fotó: Göcző Gabriella).

2015.06.05. 12:05

The 15th annual Szeged Bridge Fair was held in May 2015. Birdlife Hungary (MME) was there too amongst a wide variety of exhibitors. The fair is run as part of the Wine festival, the biggest annual event in the city. The Bridge Fair and the Wine Festival bring thousands of visitors to the city of sunshine (as Szeged is referred to) from all over Hungary, and across the world. 

Roller LIFE+ press conference in Satu Mare

Sajtótájékoztató Szatmárnémetiben

A press conference dedicated to the „Conservation of the European Roller in the Carpathian Basin” project was organised in Satu Mare, Romania on the 26th of March 2015. The conference was held in the „Green house” in the Kossuth-garden. The event was organised by the Environment Protection Agency of Satu Mare County (APM), and attendees included APM staff, project staff and representatives of the local media.

International workshop on roller conservation

BirdLife Hungary (MME) organised an international workshop as part of the " Conservation of the European roller in the Carpathian Basin" (LIFE13/NAT/HU/000081) project. The workshop was held in Szatymaz, Hungary, on the 8th of November 2014.

Over 60 professionals gathered - including MME staff, researchers, project and national park staff, and volunteers - to discuss the technical and practical details of the new „ROLLERLIFE” project, which started in the autumn of 2014.